In 1989, the anchor store in the Grandview Center was Nickleby's Bookstore Cafe at 1427 Grandview Ave.

The bookstore occupied almost all the northern wing of the shopping center, where Aladdin's Eatery and Local Cantina now are.

The store was established by Marie Rusch and her partner, Dr. Palmer Cook (right) with the focus on developing a new concept in bookstores: the combination of bookstore, cafe and entertainment venue.

The store had indoor and outdoor cafes and a stage with an upright grand piano, and held many performances, readings and book signings.

In 1992, Cook and Rusch were featured on the cover of the trade magazine Publisher's Weekly as its first Bookstore of the Year.

According to the magazine, the store was notable for its "cozy, bright, asymmetrical feel; its signage; its title selection; and its exciting ambience."

Later that same year, Rusch sold her part of the business to Cook, an optometrist who also taught at Ohio State University.

Although Nickleby's was a trendy and popular spot in Grandview, it ultimately saw sales drop with the arrival of three Barnes & Noble superstores and the expansion of three Little Professor stores that added features that had previously distinguished Nickleby's.

Cook cut back on its cafe hours and food service, staged fewer events, began selling used books and started to discount some titles.

Eventually, cafe service was reduced to beverages, and the appeal of the store faded. It was unable to compete in the expanding market and closed in 1995.