Gahanna residents likely will choose between Laurie Jadwin and Ryan Jolley for their next mayor in November's general election.

In the May 7 primary, Jadwin was the top vote-getter with 3,382 votes, followed by Ryan Jolley with 1,865 and Stephen Renner with 1,818, or 47.87%, 26.40% and 25.73%, respectively, according to unofficial results from the Franklin County Board of Elections.

The top two vote-getters advance to the general election.

Aaron Sellers, public-information officer for the elections board, said the 47-vote difference between Jolley and Renner, or 0.67%, currently sits outside the 0.5% automatic-recount range.

As of May 13, Sellers said, there were 49 outstanding absentee ballots and 33 provisional ballots from Gahanna.

He said the elections board will certify the election May 28 and won't know final results until then.

"Anything could happen, but (with) experience at doing this, (I'm) not sure there are enough outstanding votes to get it within the margin," Sellers said.

Jadwin said she's truly grateful for the overwhelming support and vote of confidence given by Gahanna residents in the primary.

The 56-year-old has been executive director of the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau since 2013. She has been an attorney since 1987.

"I look forward to continuing to work to earn the trust and support of residents and businesses in the community and to working together with them on a shared vision for Gahanna's future," Jadwin said.

Jolley, 36, said he wants to thank Gahanna residents for believing in him and giving him the opportunity over the coming months to have a more in-depth conversation with them about the future of the city.

He works for the city in the Department of Public Service and Engineering. He is a former public school teacher, manager and small-business owner. He's also a former member of the Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education and Gahanna City Council.

"Congratulations to Laurie Jadwin and Stephen Renner for their willingness to serve and for running strong, issue-focused campaigns," Jolley said. "Thank you to the many friends, family members and volunteers, on all the campaigns, for participating in our democratic process.

"This is a historic moment for Gahanna, with the passage of Issue 12 providing us the opportunity to invest in our future, and I am excited to be part of the conversation to determine where we will go from here," he said.

Renner, 52, said he preferred not to comment until the outcome is certain.

He is the director of the Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering, where he actively plans for and manages the sanitary-engineering agency.

Renner has been elected three times to serve Ward 1 on Gahanna City Council, where he also served as president in 2013 and 2016.

Mayor Tom Kneeland, 66, said he decided not to run for a second term, retiring next year so he can spend quality time with his family and friends "and look at the city through a different lens."