More than 1,100 seniors are scheduled to graduate from Westerville's three high schools May 25 at the Celeste Center at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, 717 E. 17th Ave. in Columbus.

Westerville Central ceremonies will be at 10 a.m., followed by Westerville South at 2 p.m. and Westerville North at 6 p.m.

Westerville City Schools Superintendent John Kellogg said graduation always is such an exciting time for the district and obviously for the students who will be receiving their diplomas.

"This is the culmination of their years of hard work, so it's very rewarding to see the joy on the faces of students and their families during our graduation ceremonies," he said. "People may not know that every year, I meet regularly with students at each high school who are part of my Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee. Many of these students are seniors, so it's no exaggeration when I say that the class of 2019 is turning out some of the brightest, most ambitious young men and women I've seen."

Kellogg said he is eager to hear about their future successes.

"The Westerville-area community has a rich heritage as one of those places that draws people back, so I fully expect to see some of these graduates returning to live and raise their own family in our district," he said. "They'll become our next teachers, administrators, school board members, business owners and elected officials. I can assure you that when it comes to this year's graduates, our future is in pretty good hands."

Central principal Tom Lanier said the 2019 class truly represents the school's core values to always do your best, be kind and embrace uniqueness.

"They have done a tremendous job leading our building this year, and I can't wait to see what they do in their next chapters of their lives," he said.

Central has 423 graduating seniors of which 275 have indicated they will attend college next year and eight have committed to join the military, Lanier said.

The class also includes two National Merit finalists and six Commended Scholars.

Lanier said the average GPA of the class is 3.13.

He said the class has generated more than $5 million in scholarship offers, and a record number of 19 students received an Academic Booster scholarship this year with more than $30,000 donated by the Boosters.

South principal Michael Hinze said the school has 367 seniors.

"This is a really special senior class," he said. "They have stepped up all year to help welcome our freshmen into the school and have set an excellent example for younger students."

Within the class, Hinze said, there is one National Merit finalist, one Commended Scholar and one National Merit Special Scholarship recipient.

In addition, he said, there are 18 International Baccalaureate diploma candidates and 119 International Baccalaureate course candidates.

Of 367 students, 250 have indicated they plan to attend college next year and six have committed to join the military.

The average GPA is 3.07, and the class has generated more than $8.5 million in scholarship offers, Hinze said.

North principal Kurt Yancey said there are about 350 graduates this year.

The school's senior-class awards ceremony was scheduled for May 15, with $6 million in scholarships and other awards celebrated.

Of the 345 seniors, 245 indicated they plan to attend college after graduation, and four students committed to join the military.

Yancey said the 245 students who will attend college have accepted more than $2 million in scholarship money, and the class generated nearly $6 million in scholarship offers.

The class had one National Merit Commended Scholar and the average GPA is 3.097.

"At the beginning of the year during the Yellow Rose Ceremony, I asked this class to take on a leadership role in our school in the true spirit of the Warrior Way," Yancey said. "They have done this, and I am so proud of them for the way they represent this school and for what they have accomplished.

"I wish them all the best in the future and look forward to seeing their continued success in the future."

All three schools said members of the senior classes received numerous academic, athletic, music, fine arts and performing arts awards.