Summer means no school for students, but there will be plenty of work going on throughout the Dublin City School District in the coming months.

The district has begun construction on Hopewell Elementary School on Bright Road and the elementary building in the Jerome Village development. It is also at work renovating the Emerald Campus, 5175 Emerald Parkway.

The goal is to move the district's central office operations to the fourth floor of the Emerald Campus building and renovate the existing central office building at 7030 Coffman Road to use as a centralized preschool by fall 2020.

The central office is expected to move by mid-July, said Jeff Stark, the district's chief operations officer.

Improvements to the Emerald Campus will also include a new cafeteria for students. Students this school year occupied two floors, but for the 2019-20 year, the third floor will be used by students in the International Baccalaureate program.

"This program consolidation will save the district several hundred thousand dollars each year in licensing and staffing costs," Stark said.

Beginning Sept. 1, the central-office building will begin to be renovated to include 18 classrooms, Stark said. The project is expected to cost $5 million to $6 million.

During the summer each school building also will undergo routine maintenance, said Doug Baker, district spokesman. All schools will receive paint touch-ups.

Other projects include the installation of a safety fence at Olde Sawmill Elementary School, bleacher replacement at Karrer Middle School, tennis-court replacements at Dublin Scioto High School and Sells Middle School, Baker said.

Chapman and Davis Middle School will receive new roofs, and floor repairs and replacements will be done at Scioto, Davis, Coffman, and Sells, Baker said. HVAC upgrades are also scheduled for Davis, Chapman, Riverside, Olde Sawmill, and Sells, he said.

Maintenance projects will be complete in time for students to begin school Aug. 14, Baker said.