Columbus City Schools dispatched counselors to two east Columbus schools Thursday, May 23, after two 14-year-olds were shot and one of them killed on a sidewalk near the schools Wednesday evening.

Jaykwon M. Sharp and Miracle Carolina attended as eighth-graders at Sherwood Middle School, district spokesman Scott Varner said. The shooting occurred just across a small grass field from an elementary school's playground, but police said that was coincidental and that the shooter and one of the victims had been in an argument.

“Clearly, it has an impact on the both the elementary, the middle school and other schools in that neighborhood where these young people are known,” Varner said. “Typically, you see a lot of young people using that playground area after school.”

Columbus police said the shooting occurred about 6:50 p.m. at Shady Lane Elementary School in the 1400 block of Shady Lane Road. Police and responding Columbus Division of Fire paramedics found the two children shot on a sidewalk outside a fence adjacent to the school’s athletics fields. The elementary school and middle school sit side by side at Livingston Avenue and Shady Lane Road.

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