In another first for Easton Town Center, Sono Wood Fired announced that it will open its first location outside of Chicago at the center in the fall.

Sono Wood Fired’s parent company, Good Eats Group, is owned and operated by John McLean and Cleveland native Martin Murch, who was banquet chef at the White House under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

The restaurant will be in the North District of the town center at 4055 the Strand West near Athleta and the newly opened Shake Shack.

Awarded “Best Pizza in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine, Sono Wood Fired serves Tuscany-influenced Italian cuisine featuring housemade pastas, hand-crafted wood-fired pizza, antipasti and a wine bar.

Sono Wood Fired’s approach “resonates with the true Italian food and pizza connoisseurs,” Murch said in a statement. “We are eager to open at Easton Town Center, in my home state of Ohio.”

The eatery offers “unique dishes you won’t find anywhere else,” said Jennifer Peterson, Easton’s chief executive, in a statement. “With its popularity in Chicago, a town that really knows pizza and pasta, we knew that it would hit the ground running in terms of popularity for Easton guests.”


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