So many cultures are represented in restaurants in central Ohio -- from Ethiopian (Addis Restaurant) to Somali (Hoyo's Kitchen) to French (the new Le Vieux Lyon Bakery Cafe in Reynoldsburg). Our weekly column by Gary Seman Jr., called "Table Talk," often shares the newest cuisine available for Columbus diners.

For this week's episode of "The Great Food Debate," host Abby Armbruster speaks with three central Ohio residents who spend their time enlightening people to different cuisines, including Asian and Indian food.

This episode's panelists include:

- Mita Shah, co-owner of Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream

- Kevin Wang, sushi chef and owner of Akatsuki Sushi

- Bethia Woolf, co-founder of Columbus Food Adventures

 What international cuisine would you like to see in central Ohio?


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This podcast was produced and hosted by Abby Armbruster, ThisWeek social-media strategist.

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