Veterans laid to rest in Prairie Township's two cemeteries will be honored with services Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Grove City Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8198 will conduct ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. at the Galloway Cemetery, 6271 Alkire Road.

American Legion Camp Chase Post 98 will conduct ceremonies at noon at the Alton Cemetery on Alton-Darby Creek Road, about a mile north of Broad Street.

Both cemeteries date to the mid-1800s.

For the second year, banners will fly through the summer along West Broad Street to mark the services of area residents.

Each banner was purchased for $109 to honor a past or present township resident or Westland High School graduate.

The banners feature the name, rank and images of the person being honored, the branch of service and a star denoting active duty (blue), veteran (white) or a memorial designation (gold).

Banners purchased this year honor Richard D. Critchfield, Army; Michael Ellis, Navy; James J. Harrington, Marines; Christopher S. Hinch, Army; Clarence W. Hoodlet, Army; Jason Manley, Army; Boyd G. Reed, Army; Robert E. Stormont, Army; Jeff Stratton, Army; Rondal E. Wallace, Army; Paul F. Walls, Marines; and Morgan L. Wareham, Army.


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