There will be disorder in the court when the Evans Center Showstoppers Acting Group presents its next production.

The courtroom spoof, "Here Comes the Judge," will be performed at 1 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, and Thursday, June 6, and at 1 and 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, at the Evans Center, 4330 Dudley Ave. in Grove City.

"This show is the definition of slapstick humor," director Tom Cash said. "You can't go wrong with a comedy because even if you blow a line, it's still funny, maybe even more so."

And the Showstoppers group is all about having fun, as it applies to the audience and the cast members, he said.

"The best part of directing these shows for me is getting to watch the fun and the fellowship," Cash said. "It's not 'are you good enough to be up on the stage?' It's 'are you having fun and making friends?' "

Many seniors are looking for companionship, an activity that engages their minds and something that provides a sense of self-worth, he said.

"Showstoppers fills in every blank," Cash said. "Everybody here is a valuable and important part of the show."

The number of people participating in the Showstoppers has grown from 11 a few years ago to more than 30 this year, he said.

"I think people enjoy being part of the Showstoppers because of the fun and the camaraderie," said Cyndi Slussar, an activities leader with the senior center.

Connie Price has been a Showstoppers member for 10 years.

"The group is really close-knit," she said. "We make each other laugh all the time. Twice a year we get together to do a show, and we pick right back up laughing and having fun.

"I like that all the plays we do are comedies," Price said. "We have such a good time doing the shows, and we always hear our audiences laughing, so I think they're having fun, too.

"We get the best pay in the world: making people laugh," she said.

Price, who lives in Franklin Township, portrays defense counselor Elizabeth Reardon in "Here Comes the Judge."

The rapid-fire humor in the Showstoppers' new show reminds her of "Laugh-In," she said.

"I just love the remarks and comebacks my character gets from the questions she asks," Price said. "As we've been rehearsing, it's been hard sometimes to keep from breaking up."

"It's not really about being in a play, but about getting to play with and have fun with other people," she said. "The Showstoppers helps keep you active and keep your mind sharp."

"Here Comes the Judge" presents a zany day in court presided over by Judge Knott, who isn't so sharp.

"The judge is an insane person who never should have been a judge," Cash said. "We laugh at that because many people, no matter what side they're on, think some of our leaders are insane."

The play features two major cases. One pits a department- store manager against a woman he believes took a store radio.

The other case involves a group of residents from a senior center pressing a noise complaint against a heavy-metal band.

The teen band has been using an empty house next to the senior center as its practice space, Cash said.

"It's the young punks versus the old folks," he said. "It's your classic communications gap and generation gap, but at the end everybody comes together for the sake of getting along."

In between, several "little fill-in cases" add to the chaos, Cash said.

The Showstoppers group presents two annual productions, performing in June and December, Slussar said.

Admission to the show is free, but donations of nonperishable food or personal care items for the Grove City Food Pantry are encouraged.

Monetary donations to the Showstoppers Acting Group are also accepted.

The Evans Center offers activities and services for residents 55 and older provided by the Grove City Parks and Recreation Department.

More information, including how to join the Showstoppers, is available by calling 614-277-1060. More details about the Evans Center are available on the parks and recreation homepage,