Westerville plans to add another bicycle path along the south side of College Avenue with construction starting in the fall, according to city officials.

Jeff Kessler, manager for the project, said the path will be 10 feet wide and continue for 0.9 mile along the south side of College Avenue between Otterbein Avenue and Spring Road. The path will be asphalt.

He said the path will connect back into a main roadway.

"There is a shared lane from Spring Road to Sunbury Road," he said.

He said much of the project schedule is yet to be determined as it is still early in the process and the construction bid schedule has yet to be determined.

According to a fact sheet from the city, the first phase of construction will begin from Otterbein Avenue to College Place. The second phase of the project, expected to start in 2020, will take place from College Place to Spring Road.

Kessler said another bicycle path project is planned for Walnut Street from Hempstead Road to Sunbury Road, with work beginning in 2022.

"Those are the most current," he said of upcoming projects.

The College Avenue Recreational Pathway is projected to cost $1.2 million, according to the fact sheet.