The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its softball honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Emily Ruck, Westerville Central (Player of the Year)

Avery Schumacher, Westerville Central

Payton Cox, Olentangy

Cami Compson, Westerville Central

Katelyn Wilhelm, Olentangy Liberty

Arica Flaugher, Olentangy Liberty

Riley Jestadt, Olentangy Orange

Megan Zody, Westerville North

Brynn Kibler, Olentangy

Audrey Hollerich, Westerville North

Coach of the Year: Brian Wamsley, Westerville Central

Second Team

Kylie Collins, Westerville Central

Emily O’Dee, Westerville Central

Dani Schoenly, Olentangy Liberty

Olivia Davidson, Olentangy

Alli Rubai, Olentangy Orange

Danielle Ingram, Westerville Central

Katie Palmer, Westerville North

Megan Bame, Westerville South

Brenna Oliver, Olentangy Orange

Tori Moore, Westerville South

Special Mention

Hanna Hunt, Westerville Central

Lexi Recinella, Westerville Central

Jordan Scheiderer, Olentangy Liberty

Chloe Yingling, Westerville North

Ceci Thomas, Westerville North

Brooke Wells, Olentangy

Honorable Mention

Rachel Fields, Westerville Central

Lexi Byrd, Olentangy Liberty

Zsophia Kacsandi, Westerville North

Mackenzie Condon, Olentangy

Morgan Woycitzky, Olentangy Orange

Jewelia Smith, Westerville South


First Team

Lanie White, Groveport Madison (Player of the Year)

Hailey Krinn, Big Walnut

Olivia Angles, New Albany

Rylee Closser, Newark

Gabby Adams, Groveport Madison

Arielle Brown, Big Walnut

Kristen Tibbitts, New Albany

Kylie Harmon, Canal Winchester

Macie Sporieder, Groveport Madison

Shayla Clanin, Canal Winchester

Coach of the Year: Chris Downing, Groveport Madison

Second Team

Alyssa Back, Newark

Molly Sharpe, Big Walnut

Ally Maddy, Groveport Madison

Kayleigh Hopper, Franklin Heights

Sophia Halliday, New Albany

Kenzie Maddy, Groveport Madison

Autumn Imhoff, Big Walnut

Sam Peters, Canal Winchester

Logan Bannworth, Newark

Emma Valley, New Albany

Special Mention

Milan Caldwell, Groveport Madison

JoJo Lucas, Big Walnut

Taylor Rhea, New Albany

Katie Pond, Newark

Dani Skinner, Canal Winchester

Sarah Manausa, Franklin Heights

Honorable Mention

Lexie Wright, Groveport Madison

Taylor Schultz, Big Walnut

Halle Galbraith, New Albany

Rikia Moore, Newark

Sam Zungi, Canal Winchester

Logan Thompson, Franklin Heights


First Team

Tegan Cortelletti, Hilliard Darby (Player of the Year)

Jaiden Bryant, Hilliard Bradley

Lexi Mattix, Delaware Hayes

Alex Armstrong, Delaware Hayes

Jenna Watts, Dublin Jerome

Allie Burkhart, Olentangy Berlin

Kenzie Hilling, Hilliard Bradley

Haley Osborne, Delaware Hayes

Makayla Jauregui, Dublin Scioto

Kami Slayton, Delaware Hayes

Coach of the Year: Mark Thomas, Delaware Hayes

Second Team

Annika Murray, Hilliard Bradley

Lily Gamett Brown, Hilliard Darby

Chloe Barton, Delaware Hayes

Jill Riegert, Thomas Worthington

Alie Intimar, Dublin Jerome

Lauren Erickson, Dublin Scioto

Kirsten Kracht, Olentangy Berlin

Bobbi Adams, Delaware Hayes

McKenzie Schultz Apps, Hilliard Bradley

Julia Burch, Dublin Jerome

Special Mention

Myaih Cloud, Delaware Hayes

Laiha Slayton, Delaware Hayes

Macie LoParo, Hilliard Bradley

Sydney McCreery, Hilliard Darby

Kendall Sestili, Dublin Jerome

Blythe Beaumont, Olentangy Berlin

Maddy Baughman, Dublin Scioto

Olivia Judy, Worthington Kilbourne

Honorable Mention

Taylor Call, Delaware Hayes

Kenne McClelland, Hilliard Bradley

Jordyn Anderson, Hilliard Darby

Alessandra Monte, Dublin Jerome

Heather Higgins, Olentangy Berlin

Emily Dinan, Dublin Scioto

Emma McNeilly, Thomas Worthington

Cora Snodgrass, Worthington Kilbourne


First Team

Emily Daniel, Marysville (Player of the Year)

Jackie Kasai, Upper Arlington

Kelsi Anderson, Dublin Coffman

Abby Mullins, Hilliard Davidson

Hailey Maher, Central Crossing

Megan Harold, Upper Arlington

Caroline Stukey, Dublin Coffman

CiCi Keidel, Hilliard Davidson

Leah Potter, Marysville

Hanna Moffett, Marysville

Chloe Corum, Central Crossing

Coach of the Year: Jennifer Segner-Maxwell, Marysville

Second Team

Marley McDonald, Dublin Coffman

Isabelle Shroyer, Marysville

Kaylee Ballou, Upper Arlington

Megan Tittle, Central Crossing

Maxine McCraw, Upper Arlington

Natalie Myers, Hilliard Davidson

Cheyenne Scott, Central Crossing

Rylee Anspach, Dublin Coffman

Ashley Dunn, Marysville

Olivia Carlton, Upper Arlington

Special Mention

Tayler Clabaugh, Marysville

Abby Gindelsberger, Marysville

Allie Kelly, Dublin Coffman

Taylor Airy, Dublin Coffman

Sophie Maggs, Dublin Coffman

Sabrina Good, Upper Arlington

Andi Rapp, Central Crossing

Maggie Rupert, Hilliard Davidson

Honorable Mention

Lexi Williams, Marysville

Avery Ketch, Dublin Coffman

Becca Turner, Upper Arlington

Skylar Bryant, Central Crossing

Carlie Champion, Hilliard Davidson

Kayla Miller, Westland


First Team

Molly Troutman, Gahanna Lincoln (Player of the Year)

Zoie Smith, Pickerington Central

Abbie Wilfling, Lancaster

Olivia Rettke, Reynoldsburg

Lauren Ringhiser, Gahanna Lincoln

Maddie Wilcox, Grove City

Mylie Torres, Grove City

Cassidy Zaker, Lancaster

Megan Ebbrecht, Pickerington North

Madison Arent, Lancaster

Coaches of the Year: Stephanie Miller, Lancaster; Jenny Young, Pickerington Central

Second Team

Carley Auten, Pickerington North

Kassidy Stanley, Pickerington Central

Hayli Bartlett, Lancaster

Sophia Slack, Pickerington Central

Abby Tschiggfrie, Grove City

Leah Tipple, Lancaster

Samantha Lindsey, Gahanna Lincoln

Alaina Marcum, Gahanna Lincoln

Makayla Brooks, Reynoldsburg

Emma Burke, Lancaster

Special Mention

Rylan Brown, Lancaster

Anna Feil, Pickerington Central

Caroline Heller, Gahanna Lincoln

Sydney Sharron, Grove City

Emma Dean, Pickerington North

Alexis Langwasser, Reynoldsburg

Honorable Mention

Annabelle Farmer, Lancaster

Ellie Tressler, Pickerington Central

Dani Shoulders, Gahanna Lincoln

Lauren Walls, Grove City

Morgan Ebbrecht, Pickerington North

Zoe Kirk, Reynoldsburg