Grandview Heights City Council is scheduled to hold a third reading and vote Monday, June 3, on legislation that would transfer the cost of sidewalk repairs and replacement from property owners to the city.

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Steve Reynolds, was introduced in November, but the third reading has been tabled four times since then, most recently during the May 6 meeting.

The vote has been delayed in part because the legislation was reassigned to council's recreation, safety and public facilities committee after first being reviewed by the planning and

administration committee. Council members also said they wanted more information about the potential financial impact if the city took on the entire cost of sidewalk improvements.

The June 3 agenda also will include a resolution giving council's support for the reconnection of Fairview Avenue between First and Third avenues as part of Grandview Heights Schools' upcoming facilities project.

The district is considering a site plan that would include the reopening of Fairview Avenue, which is closed to traffic.

The city's proposed Civic Spaces and Places plan included a recommendation that Fairview Avenue be reconnected. It identified the area that includes the site where the district will be renovating Grandview Heights High School and constructing a new grades 4-8 school building as one of the community and educational hubs in the city.

The council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. June 3 in council chambers at the Municipal Building, 1016 Grandview Ave.