Upper Arlington City Council is considering a new city law regarding the use of golf carts on city streets, with a possible exemption being extended for Independence Day.

Council is expected to vote Monday, June 10, on an ordinance that would address two issues: whether to allow the use of code-compliant golf carts year round and whether to exempt noncompliant golf carts around Independence Day.

For the former, the city would permit the year-round use of golf carts on city streets, so long as they comply with state law, which was updated in 2017. State law now allows municipalities to authorize the operation of them providing they meet certain requirements, such as working brakes and brake lights, working headlights and taillights, windshields, rear-view mirrors and “appropriate tires that are free of major bumps, bulges or other conditions that would make them unsafe.”

While council considers that issue, it also is expected to provide an annual exemption to the use of golf carts that don’t meet all state laws for “under-speed vehicles” to be permitted “around the 4th of July.”

A draft ordinance to be presented to council June 10 by the city attorney’s office calls for golf carts that don’t meet state standards to be permitted on city streets from two days before the July 4 celebration to two afterward.

Council would have the authority to approve or reject the golf-cart proposals, as well as the ability to amend the exemption period around July Fourth.