It took about 10 minutes for Daniel family members to pull down boards that had covered a sunflower mural on their Madison Street garage since 2010.

The mural’s creator, Kelley Daniel, pulled down the last piece of plywood as about 30 onlookers applauded at a scheduled unveiling June 8 at the 5426 Madison St. residence she shares with her husband, Ed Daniel.

Kelley Daniel said she had painted the sunflower on the side of their garage in late 2009, but it was boarded up after the city’s board of zoning appeals ordered it removed because its multitude of colors were in violation of city codes that limited the number of exterior colors in the Old Hilliard district.

But in 2017, city leaders founded the Hilliard Public Arts Commission, and in October 2018, they approved a public-arts policy.

Under that policy, Kelley Daniel applied in April for and received approval of the mural as public art.

“I hope it will inspire others and begin a larger movement toward more public art,” she said.

Kelley Daniel is chairwoman of the public-arts commission, which is seeking a muralist to paint a 14-by-26-foot wall at Otie’s Tavern and Grill, 5344 Center St., adjacent to the Center Street Market. The market is set to open this fall.

She said she is looking forward to seeing the sunflower mural in her own backyard this winter.

“My favorite time of year was seeing it in the winter with snow on the ground,” she said. “The sunflower mural made a gloomy day look bright.”

The mural was covered in May 2010, about eight months after she completed it, she said.

Kelley Daniel said she worked on the the 20-by-30-foot mural a few days a week and it took about four months to complete.

“I did it because I like sunflowers,” she said, learning only later that it was the city’s official flower, according to the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society.

Hilliard City Council President Kelly McGivern said she is “excited for the opportunity for additional public art” in the city.

“I support our public-arts commission and I’m happy we able to help Kelley unveil her beautiful mural,” she said.