Dublin City Council on June 10 voted 6-0 to approve the sale of the city’s property and building at 5800 Shier Rings Road to Air Force One Inc. for $2.7 million.

Councilman Michael Keenan was absent.

“We are very appreciative of the opportunity to continue our business in Dublin, Ohio,” said Bill Guy, chairman and founder of Air Force One.

“We are flat out of space where we are today,” said Greg Guy, CEO of Air Force One.

The business has 60 office-based associates in Dublin who will move to the facility, Greg Guy said. The company intends to relocate in April, he said. The business has been in the city since 1955, when the Guy family founded it.

The proposed sale is part of the city’s plan to consolidate city-hall operations at 5555 Perimeter Drive, a building previously occupied by Delta Energy, a company that manages services for major energy users.

The city’s economic-development and information-technology departments are housed at the Shier Rings building.

Council members in December approved the purchase of the Perimeter Drive building, and city leaders anticipated selling the Shier Rings building and using proceeds to contribute to the purchase.

Council already approved a lease agreement with Air Force One to occupy about 2,400 square feet at the west end of the first floor of the 33,615-square-foot building, along with a shared storage yard and 13 parking spaces, according to a May 14 memo to council members.

Air Force One offers facility-management services and specializes in building-automation and temperature-control solutions, including heating and cooling, engineering and system design and related services.