Worthington's community-visioning process should come into focus July 1, according to Worthington City Council President Bonnie Michael.

That is when City Council plans to finalize the appointment of a consultant group and a committee to guide the process, she said.

The end result would be to guide policy and development decisions for the next 10 to 15 years, she has said.

Council member Beth Kowalczyk said City Council received 10 consultant applications.

Michael said City Council planned to hear presentations from three of those applicants: Poggemeyer Design Group and Jackson/Clark Partners on June 10 and planning NEXT on June 12.

The chosen consultant would work with a committee of 13 residents to gather input from the community on how to envision Worthington's future, she said.

City Council is "very close, but not quite done" selecting those residents, Michael said.

City Council is taking age, gender, ethnicity and geographic representation into account for selection, according to worthington.org.

Council members also are looking at residents who are active in the community, making sure constituency of various groups would be represented and including people and perspectives that frequently are not heard.

A decision on the residents who would serve on the committee originally was expected in May.



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