Rooftop bars are having a moment in central Ohio -- from Seventh Son Brewing Co. adding a retractable rooftop to its 2nd-story space last year to the brand-new Lincoln Social Rooftop opening in downtown Columbus.

For this week's episode of "The Great Food Debate," host Abby Armbruster discussed the work that goes into opening a rooftop restaurant and bar in a one-on-one interview with Orcun Turkay, the general manager of AC Hotel Columbus Dublin, which has VASO on its top floor.

Turkay has been with the hotel since it was under development and has seen its share of awards, including "most beautifully designed bar" in Ohio by Architectural Digest. 

Listen to this week's episode to find out what it takes to create a new menu, something Turkay and his team do at least twice a year, and whether they'll bring back the snow globe-esque domes for its patio this winter.

Other spots mentioned in this episode:

- Lincoln Social Rooftop, 711 N. High St., Columbus

- Juniper, 580 N. Fourth St., Columbus

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This podcast was produced and hosted by Abby Armbruster, ThisWeek social-media strategist.


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