Clintonville residents have grown accustomed to Arcadia Avenue being under construction, but the street is finally ready to be fully functional once more.

After a variety of projects over the course of more than a year, the city of Columbus has resurfaced the road between High Street and Indianola Avenue and is wrapping up the final touches of the project.

Debbie Briner, a spokeswoman with Columbus public service, said Arcadia now has an entirely new surface, ADA-compliant ramps, new curbs and new sidewalks.

The work was part of an $8.7 million resurfacing project in 2018 that included several other major upgrades.

Briner said Arcadia was due not only for the resurfacing, but other work that needed to be completed around the same time.

"Arcadia Avenue was certainly in need of resurfacing, but the Department of Public Service knew the street was also slated for gas-line work by Columbia Gas and for a water-line replacement project by the Columbus Division of Water that involved digging up the street," she said.

"Our resurfacing project was timed for after those big utility projects were complete so that a newly resurfaced street wouldn't be torn up."

She said the ADA additions were important as well, and part of Columbus's standard operating procedures.

"ADA ramps are now routinely installed by the city as part of roadway-resurfacing projects where curbs and sidewalks already exist," she said.

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