During World War I and World War II, the government encouraged the development of personal and community gardens as a way of encouraging rationing and building community togetherness.

The result of this push were V-Gardens, or Victory Gardens.

Grandview had a community garden on Goodale Boulevard; it was moved to the corner of Grandview Avenue and Goodale and eventually named Wallace Gardens.

A community kitchen existed during World War I on First Avenue in which the vegetables from the community garden were prepared into community meals.

After the first year, Grandview women organized as the Civic Welfare Club and delivered some of the meals to Tri-Village families in need.

This 1919 photo shows the Community Kitchen, located in a building with a Kroger store and Mykrantz Drugs.

The building was on the southwest corner of First Avenue at Oakland Avenue, adjacent to the lot where the Grandview Heights Public Library later would be constructed.

The building later housed Bob Hexter's Grandview Cycle; it was razed for the library's expansion.

Note the trolley power line above the trolley tracks that ran from Broadview Avenue to Arlington Avenue.