Clintonville's quest to beautify its traffic boxes still is rolling, but organizers are looking for more neighborhood-specific designs.

This spring, the Clintonville Area Commission's planning and development committee has been seeking artists to design artwork to cover seven traffic-signal control boxes along High Street.

The shiny silver boxes, overlooked by some and considered eyesores by others, are at the intersections of High Street and Kanawha Avenue, Morse Road, Henderson Road, Hollenback Road, Oakland Park Avenue, North Broadway and Como Avenue.

Megan Valentine, who's heading up the project for the CAC, said the group has received about 10 submitted designs.

"We've gotten a decent amount of submissions, so we're happy with that," she said. "We always welcome more, though."

Perhaps more important than the quantity of submissions the CAC is looking for will be the content of those designs.

Valentine said the art that's been submitted is fine in a vacuum, but most of it isn't themed around Clintonville as she had hoped.

"We've had trouble getting submissions that have some sort of representation of Clintonville," she said. "I'd say only three or so have given us something that's like, 'This is what I think of Clintonville and why I did this.' The others have just been artwork that the artist has already done previously. It has no correlation to Clintonville at all. I think that's been our biggest issue."

Although the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, June 19, Valentine said, the committee's members are unlikely to be sticklers about late-arriving art.

"If somebody sent something a few days after that, we wouldn't have our decision made already," she said.

The CAC also continues to search for additional funds.

Currently, funding is in place to decorate only two of the boxes, a process that costs more than $1,000 from start to finish.

She said the group has "reached out to a few local organizations" but has had no success in finding funds yet.

Its next hope, she said, is a partnership with a group that's conducting a similar campaign in the University District.

"We've learned that the more you do, the more economical it is from a cost perspective," she said.

The first round of box art is expected to be installed by late summer.

Submissions or questions should be sent to Valentine by email to knapke.80@ For more information and full submission guidelines, go to