People often have a romantic view of owning a bakery. Whether customers think of "It's Complicated," "Moonstruck" or another classic cinematic bakery scene, the real work required to make pastries or run a store isn't as glamorous, according to two local business owners. 

But did you know you don't need a culinary degree to make great pastries?

This week's episode of "The Great Food Debate" dives into the work behind making pastries delicious, which treats didn't make their way to the menu and the story behind their unique restaurant names. 

This week's panelists are: 

- Michelle Allen, owner of MMELO Boutique Confections

- Jeff Excell, owner of Fox in the Snow

 Other restaurants mentioned in this episode are:

- Sarah's Breads, baker at Seminary Hill Farm (3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware)

- Laughlin's Bakery, (15 E. 2nd Ave., Columbus)

- Dan the Baker (1028 Ridge St., Columbus)

- Dough Mama (3335 N. High St., Columbus)

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This podcast was produced and hosted by Abby Armbruster, ThisWeek social-media strategist.


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