Clintonville leaders said they received incorrect information about a new apartment development at Graceland and now are confident plans for new apartments are not in progress.

Members of the Clintonville Area Commission took to Facebook to alert residents to the topic June 23, despite knowing little about the project, according to CAC Chairwoman Libby Wetherholt.

At that time, she said, the CAC was trying to "get some contact" with developer Casto.

On June 27, according to District 6 commissioner Kendra Carpenter, a group of CAC representatives met with a group from Casto at the site, which sits west of the Kroger store and south of LA Fitness in Graceland.

She said commission members were informed that the rumor of a new apartment plan was inaccurate.

"We learned that no construction is scheduled because Casto does not have financing for the project," she said. "This is the same reason that the project faltered in 2016."

In March 2016, Casto had announced a 200-unit, six-building apartment complex for the vacant section of Graceland adjacent to Kenney Park, west of the Kroger Marketplace store.

The development was announced at the same time as two other apartment projects: one on the former Dixie International Co. site on Indianola Avenue and the other at 800 E. Cooke Road.

The former, dubbed the Ave, is nearly complete; the latter, like the Graceland development, never materialized.

Wetherholt said she "found out" about the rumored project from a conversation at church, a scenario that represented well the CAC's relationship with Casto, she said.

Before the June 27 meeting, Wetherholt said Casto has "never" contacted the CAC. She said although Casto isn't required to do so, she would prefer a more open relationship with the company.

"If they don't need a variance, they don't really need to talk to us," Wetherholt said. "But we'd like to have a good relationship with them so people aren't putting out bad information."

Casto representatives have not returned several calls requesting comment since June 24.

Wetherholt said after the meeting that she is "looking forward to having a positive relationship" with Casto and their representatives, and Carpenter said she hopes the recent meeting is the start of a more open dialogue.

"We are working to keep the lines of communication open so that we can stay informed in real time and, in turn, can keep our residents apprised timely," she said.