While Grandview Heights Schools works toward completing details of its coming facilities project, the district is working on a series of renovation and improvement projects over the summer.

Most of those projects are related to making facilities compliant with the American with Disabilities Act and addressing needs at Stevenson Elementary School.

Money from the district's permanent-improvement fund will be used for projects at all three school buildings, "but we are spending more money at Stevenson than we are at the other two," Superintendent Andy Culp said.

The reason for the emphasis on the elementary school is simple and logical, said Brett Bradley, director of facilities Brett Bradley.

The facilities project will include construction of a new grade 4-8 building and completing renovations at the high school with little work planned for Stevenson. Construction of the new 4-8 building is expected to begin this winter.

"Stevenson's the one school building we'll be keeping the same, so we want to make sure it stays in the best condition," Bradley said.

Each year, half the permanent-improvements fund's annual $500,000 budget is earmarked for building improvements, Culp said. The rest is used for technology improvements.

"We'll at about that same level for this summer's work, he said.

The improvements at Stevenson include a replacement of the roof in the 1926 section of the building, Bradley said.

"We need to replace that section of the roof due to a severe number of leaks," he said. "It's been the mid-1990s since we've last worked on that section of the roof."

That portion of the building is the front section of Stevenson facing Oxley Road, including the gym, Bradley said.

The school board June 26 approved a $116,922 contract with Garland/DBS Inc. for the partial roof replacement.

The board also approved a $65,000 project that will involve installing a walkway and canopy from the small parking area on the west side of the building to an entryway.

The area is being converted into an handicap-accessible drop-off site, Bradley said.

A portion of the media center at Stevenson also is being converted into an additional classroom, Bradley said.

That work is being completed in-house as is a project to install a concrete ramp extending from the parking lot at the Huntington Bank branch on West Fifth Avenue to the baseball field at the high school.

"Right now, that area is just gravel. You're hard-pressed if you're in a wheelchair to make it to the ball field to watch a game even if one of your children is playing in the game," Culp said.

An restroom meeting ADA requirements is being installed at Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School by General Maintenance and Engineering Co. at an estimated cost of $35,200.

The restroom will be adjacent to a classroom, Culp said.

The drop-off area, restroom and baseball field projects are part of an effort to make sure district facilities meet the updated standards set by the ADA, he said.

"We can be grandfathered in (due to when the school facilities were built), but we're working to incrementally bring our facilities up to 2019 standards and align them with the community's values," Culp said.

"It's just the right thing to do," Bradley said.

Plans for the new school and the renovations to the high school also will include measures to ensure those facilities are accessible to everyone, Culp said.