Westerville City Council member Diane Fosselman announced her resignation July 2, leaving an open seat on council.

Fosselman, who is moving out of Westerville, resigned from the planning commission effective June 27 and from council effective July 5, according to Mike Heyeck, council chairman.

A new member will be appointed to serve until Nov. 30, according to Heyeck.

Fosselman's term ends Nov. 30, according to Christa Dickey, spokeswoman for the city. Westerville City Council consists of seven at-large members elected to four-year overlapping terms in nonpartisan elections, according to the city's website: westerville.org. Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years, with four seats filled in one election and three seats filled in the next election.

Westerville residents who apply must have lived within the city for two years and be a registered voter, according to the city's website.

Employees of the city and those who hold any other public office, except for a public notary or a member of the National Guard or Reserve, aren't eligible, according to the city's website.

The application for the position will be posted on the city's website.

Anyone seeking more information should call Mary Johnston at 614 901-6410 or email mary.johnston@westerville.org.

"The application shall be the only thing that will be used," Heyeck said regarding selection of Fosselman's replacement.

Mayor Craig Treneff was appointed to Fosselman's position on the planning commission. Vice Mayor Kathy Cocuzzi was appointed to Fosselman's position on the advisory board for the Point at Otterbein University.

Treneff said Fosselman has been a fantastic colleague to work with since he met her while serving on the planning commission in 1995.

"I would describe her as an exemplary public servant," he said.

He said during her time on council, she had a great impact on economic development and protecting the public interest.

"She was a big advocate for getting jobs to the city of Westerville," Treneff said.

He said she also was a big advocate for preserving the history of the city.

"She's been just a wonderful colleague to work with," he said.

He said City Council has several days set aside in July and August to interview applicants. He said council plans to have a public vote Sept. 3, at which time a majority of the remaining members would be required to approve the candidate.

Treneff said if council cannot come to an agreement, Heyeck could appoint someone the following day, or 60 days from Fosselman's resignation.

All applications must be received by 5 p.m. July 24, according to westerville.org. They must be delivered or sent to the office of the Clerk of Council at 21 S. State St., Westerville, 43081.

Fosselman had served on council since 1999. She most recently held the title of vice chairwoman of council.

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