Grove City’s new Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area will be active for the first time Saturday, July 20.

Customers who purchase an alcoholic drink from a DORA-authorized establishment and have it served in a DORA cup will be able to take their drink with them to stroll and shop within the set boundaries in Grove City’s Town Center.

“All of the alcohol establishments will be having drink specials up to 9 p.m. on the DORA’s first night,” said Andy Furr, executive director of Heart of Grove City, the nonprofit group that promotes the Town Center and proposed creating a DORA in Grove City.

The DORA will be in effect from 2 p.m. to midnight Thursdays through Saturdays for one year in the Town Center.

The open-container district will not apply July 26 when the Grove City Homecoming Celebration is held, nor will it be in effect for Boo on Broadway on Oct. 31 and the annual Christmas celebration Dec. 7.

Only beverages served in designated DORA cups can be taken outside of a participating business. Drinks purchased from one bar or restaurant cannot be taken into another liquor establishment.

However, they may be taken into stores located within the DORA boundary, unless prohibited by the business.

None of the Town Center businesses have opted to prohibit customers from bringing their DORA cup beverages into their store, Furr said.

Bars and restaurants that will sell drinks in DORA cups include Grandstand Pizza Shop, 4034 Broadway; Grove City Brewing Co. and Plum Run Winery, 3946 Broadway; Hop Yard 62, 4057 Broadway; Local Cantina, 3937 Broadway; Parkers Tavern, 3998 Broadway; Plank’s on Broadway, 4022 Broadway; and Zassy’s Tap Room, 3940 Broadway.

Signs have been placed in the Town Center to define the DORA boundaries.


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