Drivers of electric cars might get a charge out of Marble Cliff's latest move.

The village plans to install two charging stations for electric vehicles at Village Hall, 1600 Fernwood Ave.

Village Council members approved legislation July 15, authorizing an agreement with EVunited for assistance in purchasing and installing the charging stations and applying for a grant from American Electric Power Ohio.

The agreement does not involve any payment to EVunited by the village, fiscal officer Cindy McKay said.

EVunited is a Dublin-based company that works with businesses, governmental entities and residents to install charging stations in Ohio and elsewhere, business development manager Abby Roen said.

Marble Cliff has submitted an application for a $148,660 grant from AEP Ohio with the guidance of EVunited, McKay said.

The grant would reimburse the village for the cost to purchase and install the charging stations, she said.

The stations may require the installation of additional electric lines at Village Hall, and it is still to be determined whether the grant would cover the entire cost of the added lines, Roen said.

AEP inspectors will visit the site before the end of July to determine whether the electric lines already in place would support the charging stations, she said.

"We're anticipating the only additional cost the village would incur is painting the two parking spaces to indicate they are reserved for electric vehicles using the charging stations," McKay said.

A decision on the grant application is expected to be made in the next few weeks, she said.

The village would install DC Fast Charger stations, which, at 480 volts, are the quickest and most-efficient chargers available, Roen said.

A DC Fast Charger would take 15 to 30 minutes to charge an electric car, she said. That's compared to four to eight hours with a Level 2 charger.

"It's a time comparative to filling up your car at a gas station or store if you run in to get a snack or something to drink after filling your car with gas," Roen said.

The two Fast Charger stations would cost $36,000 each; the cost of installing the devices would be another $35,000, not including the installation of new lines, McKay said.

The charging stations would take up two of the 12 parking spaces the village has in place at its building, she said.

Electric-vehicle owners would be able to use the stations free of charge, McKay said.

"We've always been looking for opportunities to position ourselves for the future rather than just doing what needs to be done today," she said. "We have a number of people, at least three or four, in the village who have invested in electric vehicles, but these charging stations will be a resource we want to offer not only to our residents but to the larger community as well."