Massey’s Pizza in Northland nearly has emerged from an accident that occurred in front of the store May 26.

The pizzeria, 1951 E. Dublin-Granville Road, expects construction workers to finish this week and remove chain-link fencing that has been in front of the store for two months, said franchisee Anita Marple, who, along with her husband, Richard, purchased the restaurant in April.

“We want to have a grand reopening and that will coincide with the start of college football,” Anita Marple said.

It will be a welcome look for the restaurant, which was damaged when a man crashed his vehicle into one of the vertical support beams in front of Massey’s.

“He wasn’t going fast, but he went over the curb,” Marple said. “But it looked like the car jumped into” the support beam.

She said she watched the scene play out from the dining room.

The roof awning began to bow and slowly buckle, caving in on the sidewalk and the man’s car while also taking down two marquee signs. Neither the driver nor anyone in the store was injured, Marple said, adding the driver said the car’s accelerator got stuck.

“We’re very lucky we didn’t lose all of our windows,” she said.

Other businesses also were affected, she said.

The store was closed for 10 days, but construction crews cleared a pathway through a chain-link corridor to the front door, she said.

Fencing was installed and then was taken down until permits were pulled from the city and then the fencing again was installed, adding to the confusion.

Massey’s, part of a local chain, has been part of the Beechcroft Center for nearly 25 years. The Marples purchased the store in mid-April.

Dianna Bettler, a Massey’s employee, said she hopes business picks back up after the remnants of the construction project are removed and people can see that it’s open.

“It’s a little slow because of this,” Bettler said.

“I think we have a pretty loyal customer base,” Marple said. “It’s just about letting people know we’re open for business.”