A new German Village tour offers patrons an opportunity to nourish their minds and bodies.

The Experiential Tour, which will begin at 6 p.m. Aug. 10, offers a guided tour through the historic district, complete with a meal provided by Schmidt's Sausage Haus und Restaurant and an evening of theater in Schiller Park.

Cost is $45 per person. Registration can be completed at germanvillage.com, where additional tour information can be found.

The tour, which takes about 60 minutes, starts and concludes in Schiller Park. After the tour, guests will be seated in a VIP section and served a picnic-style dinner while they watch Shakespeare's "As You Like It," the latest production from Actors' Theatre of Columbus. The tours this year will concide with performance dates for Actors' Theatre through Sept. 1.

"I thought, in German Village, we have so many great things in the neighborhood, so it's not only the brick streets and restaurants," said Michelle Mazeke, coordinator of the tour program for the German Village Society and creator of the tour.

"Of course, in the summer, with Actors' Theatre, I thought it would be interesting to put it all together so people could experience German Village in one summer evening," Mazeke said.

The new tour adds yet another way to take a guided sojourn through the neighborhood, said Chelsey Craig, business-relations and events manager for the society.

Existing tours include the standard walking tour, a guided bus tour, the Explore Beyond the Door tour, a scavenger hunt, the German Village Pride Tour and a golf-cart tour.

The standard walking tour is available at 11 a.m. every Saturday -- or any day if it's booked two weeks in advance -- starting at the Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St.

It will last about an hour, and a guide will lead participants through the brick streets lined with residences, gardens, shops, galleries and restaurants. Prices are $15 per person, $12 for seniors 65 years old and older and $10 for students.

Guided bus tours of 45 to 52 people are $250.

The Explore Beyond the Door tour, which is $25 per person, provides the standard walking tour and a look inside two houses in the historic district. The tour lasts about two hours.

The scavenger hunt will last about 90 minutes and is designed for those who want an interactive experience, Craig said. The itinerary includes the viewing of an historic-overview video and checklists for the participants, who mark off items they've observed along their journey, she said.

"It's a way to hear the history first and then explore," she said.

The Pride Tour takes a look at how members of the LGBTQ community contributed to developing and maintaining the historic district since the 1960s.

The cost for the scavenger hunt and Pride Tour are the same as the walking tour.

The society is planning to roll out golf-cart tours with seating for three people. The guided tours would cost $20 per person, plus the guide.

"It's just an accessibility option," Craig said of the golf cart tours.

"You can't do it with large tours."