Bexley City Council is scheduled Aug. 27 to select 10 residents to serve on the charter-review commission.

Thirty-nine residents have submitted applications to serve on the commission. Council will select 10, with Mayor Ben Kessler selecting five additional members, for a total of 15, according to discussions council and the mayor had at an Aug. 5 special meeting.

The commission is formed approximately every 10 years to study the Bexley city charter and provide recommendations to Bexley City Council concerning possible amendments. The charter covers everything from building codes to how the city government's executive, administrative and legislative branches operate.

Resolution 11-18, which Bexley City Council approved last August, states the charter-review commission will form on or after Oct. 15, 2019, and before Nov. 15, 2019, and conclude its work no later than Feb. 1, 2021.

"What's important to me is we look at people based on what they've done for the city -- their experience with the city, how many times they've come to meetings, how they volunteered for the city, how many commissions or committees or boards they're on," said councilman Tim Madison, who introduced the resolution. "And I think it's sort of like a reward, from my perspective, that you get to serve on charter review."

Other council members said the commission would benefit from residents with a variety of experiences.

"A lot of these applicants have already served the city. Some are new residents," council member Monique Lampke said. "I want a mix of both."

Council members debated whether the mayor should have a say in selecting the commission members. Kessler said he believes both the mayor and council should be involved in the selection process.

"It's important that it's collaborative," Kessler said. "Collaborative in the sense that we are together constructing a charter-review commission."

Ultimately, council members voted unanimously Aug. 5 on a selection process in which each council member will each vote for up to 10 applicants and the applicants who receive the most votes, collectively, from council will be selected.

Kessler will then select five residents from the remaining pool of applicants.

Council also voted that rather than have applicants take questions in person from council, they will be asked to respond to a questionnaire listing their qualifications.

Applicants would have until Aug. 20 to respond to the questionnaire.

Council members are scheduled to cast their votes for the commission members at 6 p.m. Aug. 27 at Bexley City Hall, 2242 E. Main St.