Worthington City Council has chosen Poggemeyer Design Group as the consultant for the city's community-visioning process.

The firm was chosen July 15, said city spokesperson Anne Brown.

The other firms considered were planning NEXT, Jackson/Clark Partners and Future; planning NEXT was a finalist with Poggemeyer.

Council members chose Poggemeyer because its previous projects showed specific results, said council member Beth Kowalczyk.

Council members also liked that Poggemeyer had exact figures for everything and an "identified scope," said council member Doug Smith.

It's unclear what the terms of the contract with the firm will be.

Brown said City Council on July 15 authorized an appropriation of money, but the amount was left blank until Poggemeyer determines the scope of services.

She said the contract would be introduced for a public hearing Sept. 3.

Poggemeyer will work with a committee of residents to gather input from the community on how to envision the future, according to City Council President Bonnie Michael.

Michael said the results would be used to guide policy and development decisions for the next 10 to 15 years.

Lauren Falcone, a vice president for Poggemeyer, said the firm was excited to get started on the project and work with the visioning committee.

"It's always good to ask your citizens what they want," she said.

Falcone said the project is expected to take six to seven months. She said the firm plans to work with social media, schedule group meetings and post a link on the city's website, worthington.org, so the community can provide feedback.

She said the firm has a goal of engaging 80% of all residents.

Falcone said Poggemeyer plans to meet with the visioning committee Aug. 19 and conduct a tour of Worthington.

City Council named the 13 members of the visioning committee June 24.

Laura Abu-Absi, Kathryn Burris, Paul Cynkar, Cynthia Findlay, Matt Lees, Jon Melchi, Linda Mercadante, Jack Miner, Austin Mitchell, Don Mottley, Joe Sherman, Beth Sommer and Graham Wood are the 13 residents selected to be a part of the committee, according to Brown.

Falcone said the firm would need about six weeks to finalize the scope of services so a price for the project can be determined.