If all candidates meeting the Aug. 7 filing deadline for the November election are certified by the Delaware County Board of Elections by next week, Delaware City Council will have at least two new members at the end of the year.

Anthony Saadey, board of elections deputy director, said the filings are unofficial until the board completes the certification.

In addition to statewide issues and races, the following candidates will appear on Delaware- and Sunbury-area ballots:

• Delaware City Council

First Ward seat: incumbent Chris Jones

Second Ward seat: incumbent Lisa Keller; challengers Mike Rush and Stephen Tackett

Third Ward seat: challengers Cory Hoffman and George McNab. Incumbent Jim Browning did not file.

Fourth Ward seat: challengers Drew Farrell and Sarah Jantausch. Incumbent Kyle Rohrer did not file; he is unopposed for the Delaware Municipal Court judge term commencing Jan. 1.

• Delaware City Schools board (two seats)

Incumbents: Ted Backus and Matthew Weller

• Big Walnut Local School District board (two seats)

Incumbent: Andrew Wecker; challengers: Sherri Dorsch and Stephen Fujii (Liana Lee is unopposed for a two-year term.)

• Sunbury mayor

Incumbent: Tommy Hatfield

• Sunbury Village Council (two seats)

Incumbent: Timothy Gose

• Galena mayor

Incumbent: Thomas Hopper

Challenger: Jill Love

• Galena Village Council (two seats)

Incumbents: Jason Hillyer and Todd Musacchio

• Berkshire Township trustee (one seat)

Incumbent: Bill Holtry; challenger: Josh Varble

• Berlin Township trustee (one seat)

Incumbent: Ronald Bullard

• Harlem Township trustee (one seat)

Incumbent: Jerry Paul; challenger: Shane O’Farrell

• Kingston Township trustee (one seat)

Incumbent: Dewey Akers; challengers: Jim Fedako and Nathan Hulick.