In August 1914, the first work of laying out lots and grading roadways on the Miller Farm in what is now Upper Arlington marked the beginning of this planned community.

The Upper Arlington Co., owned by brothers King and Ben Thompson, set out to construct the new development just north of what was then Arlington (now Marble Cliff) on the Miller farmland.

The first streets to be designed were Arlington, Cambridge, Bedford, Roxbury and Upper Chelsea.

The formal entrance to the new community was at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Cambridge Boulevard. The top photo in this composite, taken in 1915, shows the entry, with a stone fence and columns, the newly constructed road and curbs, and light posts and sidewalks.

The middle photo, taken three years later, shows the same entry with newly constructed homes on both sides of Cambridge.

The bottom photo is the same view today, with the original post shortened a few feet. Development of the community was interrupted in 1916 when National Guard troops, preparing to participate in the protection of the U.S.-Mexico border, used the site as a training camp, known as Camp Willis.

In 1915, eight homes were built; by 1918 there were 61 homes constructed, and plans were being finalized for a school and community center. UA was incorporated in March 1918.