That's not quite the motto embraced by self-proclaimed "Noisy Girls" Chrissie Landolfi and Christina Klein Yates, but the two are firm believers in using flash -- and dash -- to raise awareness and money to fight ovarian cancer.

A popular bumper sticker says, "Well-behaved women rarely make history."

CORRECTION: Klein Yates had surgery in 2003 to fight ovarian cancer. Because of a reporting error, the print and earlier online version of this story incorrectly said her surgery was in 2011 and that she was treated with chemotherapy.

That's not quite the motto embraced by self-proclaimed "Noisy Girls" Chrissie Landolfi and Christina Klein Yates, but the two are firm believers in using flash -- and dash -- to raise awareness and money to fight ovarian cancer.

Since 2011, the duo has teamed with other women to tie teal-colored ribbons around trees and buildings in Upper Arlington during September, which is National Ovarian Cancer month.

On Sept. 6, they'll also bring back their Birthday Bash Stiletto Dash.

The event celebrates the Sept. 7 birthday Landolfi and Klein Yates share and raises money to fight ovarian cancer. The two founded the event and Make A Noise! after Landolfi lost her mother, Bonnie Masdea, at 67 years of age to ovarian cancer in 2008, and after Klein Yates had surgery in 2003 to fight ovarian cancer herself.

This year's event will be highlighted by the Stiletto Dash, a short jaunt supporters take while wearing stiletto-heeled shoes. It's the first time the two have staged the Dash since 2013.

"We call the women who are on our committee, that work with us and who we've come into contact with through all of our other ovarian cancer advocacy, the Noisy Girls," Landolfi said. "There are several Noisy Girls who are still very much in the fight with ovarian cancer right now. We have lost a couple of Noisy Girls in the last year or so, and we have new people getting diagnosed in our community.

"We just realized there's still no diagnostic test. It's still important for people to know the symptoms. We just felt like enough time had passed. We felt that we still had a role to play in getting noisy and getting the message out."

In the first three years Make A Noise! -- a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization -- held the Stiletto Dash, it raised more than $50,000 to support ovarian cancer public-awareness campaigns and to provide comfort items such as iPads to women undergoing treatment for the disease at local hospitals and clinics.

The first Dash was held in Klein Yates' driveway at her Upper Arlington home. She's since moved to Dublin, but Landolfi remains an Upper Arlington resident and said Make A Noise! "turned the town teal" even in the years after the Dash went on hiatus.

This year, the Birthday Bash Stiletto Dash will take place from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 6 at the Amelita Mirolo Barn, 4395 Carriage Hill Lane, Upper Arlington.

It's free to attend, but raffle tickets for prizes will be sold and there will be a $10 wine pull.

Organizers also ask those who plan to attend to reserve a spot via email at

The Dash will take place at noon, followed by a light lunch and presentation by Cat Hiller, an Upper Arlington resident whom the organizers describe as "an empathetic and compassionate advocate for anyone struggling with the toughest that life throws our way."

"She is going to talk about how you support someone in the cancer journey," Landolfi said. "That can look very different from person to person."

Through the Birthday Bash Stiletto Dash, Landolfi and Klein Yates have an ambitious goal this year to almost match the amount Make A Noise! has raised since it was established.

"This year our sponsorship has been higher than ever," Klein Yates said. "I think we'll be closer to $40,000."

The money will go to the Urban Zen program at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at Ohio State University.

"It's when women are going through treatment, just giving them ways to feel better," Landolfi said. "So they might have access to massage or Reiki or different holistic treatments alongside the treatment they're getting from the James so they can feel better and fight harder through their journeys."

In addition to raising money for ovarian-cancer awareness and to aid patients and their caregivers, the Birthday Bash Stiletto Dash and all the Make A Noise! work seeks to educate women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

There are numerous and varied warning signs, but to simplify, Make A Noise! preaches "BEAT," which stands for: Bloating that is persistent; Eating less and feeling fuller; Abdominal pain; and Trouble with your bladder.

"If anyone has any of those symptoms for more than a couple of weeks, they should be consulting their doctor and delving into why," Landolfi said.

"We're very fortunate with the James and with Riverside (Methodist Hospital) and the hospitals we have here," she said. "We have great gynecological oncologists in our city, which is not a common thing, we're finding."

Additionally, the event will serve as another opportunity for ovarian-cancer survivors and caregivers to come together in the "teal sisterhood," Landolfi said.

"The Dash is about bringing hope to women. It's a really fun event and as much as we need to make an impact and make sure the symptoms are known, we wanted to bring back the Dash for that community gathering.

"It'll be a really awesome way to celebrate women and hope and one another."

Additional information about Make A Noise! and the Birthday Bash Stiletto is available on Facebook at MakeANoiseforOvarianCancer or on Instagram at MakeANoiseForOvarianCancer.