Village Connections is exploring a temporary revenue stream designed to help those who can’t afford annual membership fees for the organization.

The German Village-based nonprofit, which provides services and social activities for older adults, is raising money through the Columbus Foundation’s Better Together program.

The goal is to raise $15,000 through the campaign, called It Takes a Village to Make a Neighborhood, which will run through Sept. 2, said Donald Wiggins, executive director of Village Connections.

“It’s focused on our ability to keep seniors connected, active and independent in their homes irrespective of their ability to pay,” Wiggins said.

The money – if the $15,000 threshold is reached – would fund 30 people’s $500 membership fees for one year, he said. Individuals would have to contribute a minimum of $100 of their own money, or less than $9 a month, he said.

It will not affect the $125 social memberships, Wiggins said.

The group has 151 members, 54 of whom receive some kind of services and pay the full amount, he said.

Two local residents, both of whom asked that their names be withheld, started contributing dollar for dollar, up to $6,000, beginning Aug. 14, Wiggins said. If that threshold is met, it will put Village Connections within $3,000 of its overall financial goal, he said.

Those wishing to donate can do so by visiting

Natalie Parscher, spokeswoman for the Columbus Foundation, said many nonprofits use Better Together – established about 20 months ago – to raise emergency funds following a calamity at the organization’s office.

To date, Better Together has serviced 41 projects and collected $307,000 for for central Ohio nonprofits, Parscher said.

She said she’s pleased to see Village Connections making use of the program in a different way.

“They’re definitely using it to expand instead of (just) remedying a situation,” Parscher said.