Danny Gleich says the Centennial High School marching-band camp is not boot camp, and he's not a drill instructor.

"I say I'm more of a coach, but it's military style, so you have that element to it," said Gleich, band director at the northwest Columbus high school at 1441 Bethel Road.

Barking out orders through a megaphone -- "Get those feet up," "Ones, ones, from the inside; twos, twos, twos, from the outside" -- Gleich is getting his students ready for the halftime shows in the upcoming football season.

He said he's looking for a "good sound, good blend between sections of the band, good marching style -- from chair steps to snappy turns" -- among other maneuvers.

The Centennial Stars football team will play the Grandview Heights Bobcats in their season opener Aug. 29 in Grandview Heights. The Centennial band will perform an 8-minute medley of Queen songs during halftime.

The pieces include: "We Will Rock You," "Don't Stop Me Now," "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Another One Bites the Dust."

"It's popular right now," Gleich said of Queen's music, "so we're bringing it back."

He said he'll work with about four themes throughout the football season. Next up: Marvel Comics.

The band starts half-day practices two weeks before the football season and practices an hour a day during school, said Gleich, also the instrumental-music teacher at Centennial.

Yara Moret, a mellophone player in the band, said all the practice is worth it.

"By the time we get to halftime, we've practiced and rehearsed so much, it's not nerve-racking at all," said Moret, a senior.