Grove City officials have completed an updated five-year plan for proposed capital improvements spanning 2019-24.

The plan presented to City Council last month includes a list of projects funded for this year, improvements proposed but not yet funded for 2020 and potential projects that might be funded in the future.

"Our first priority is always maintenance," Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage said.

"The capital-improvement program plans the projects we'd like to get accomplished, but it doesn't fund them," Cindi Fitzpatrick, the director of public service, said. "The operating budget council will pass later; this is what appropriates the money to implement the capital-improvement package."

The updated capital-improvement plan is offered during the summer "to give us time to prioritize" and to give council a chance to review the package and have any questions or concerns addressed before the budget process, Stage said.

Projects listed for future years are considered to be "in the bullpen," Fitzpatrick said.

Maintaining a rolling and ongoing capital-improvement program allows the city to prioritize and plan projects, Stage said.

"Wanting to do improvements on Demorest Road, for example, it's probably a three-year effort to get state approval, gain right of way, do the design work and work out the funding," he said.

The total construction cost of the projects proposed for 2020 is about $34.7 million.

Wherever possible, the city looks to leverage supplemental sources of revenue to help with projects, including state grants, Stage said.

The capital-improvements program includes such annual projects as the city's street program, with a projected total cost of about $3.6 million in 2020; sidewalk program ($400,000); sanitary-sewer improvements, repair and cleaning program ($400,000); and the storm-sewer program ($1.1 million), Fitzpatrick said.

Major projects planned for 2020 include:

* The Columbus Street extension, plaza and installation of a new railroad crossing.

This project would connect the Town Center to the new Beulah Park development, on the south side of Southwest Boulevard, Fitzpatrick said.

In January, council approved legislation authorizing the issuing of $6 million in bonds to pay for this project.

* Improvements to Seeds Road from South Meadows Drive to Enterprise Parkway and Enterprise to the Grove City corporation line. The city is pursuing funding from the State Roadway Development Fund to help pay a portion of the $2.6 million cost.

* Marsh Run stream restoration in Gantz Park. The city has received a $751,518 Clean Ohio grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to pay most of the $1,071,000 cost of the project.

* Continuing the project to improve Borror Road from Quail Creek Boulevard to state Route 104 that began this year. The project will widen Borror, add a single-lane roundabout at the intersection with Buckeye Parkway and install a pedestrian/bike path providing access to Scioto Grove Metro Park.

The project will cost an estimated $6.9 million with funding provided by Grove City ($1.2 million), OPWC loan to Grove City ($2.8 million), OPWC grant ($936,478); OPWC loan to Jackson Township ($495,717); the Franklin County Engineer's Office ($465,000) and private developers ($927,500).

* Improvements to Southwest Boulevard from Richard Avenue to Hoover Road. The city received a $1.4 million grant and $531,500 from OPWC to pay about 86% of the estimated $2,494,618 cost of the project.

* Improvements to the intersection of state Route 665 and North Meadows Drive, a $1.5 million project.