Dublin City Schools' Emerald Campus is now open for its second school year, and the building has reached student capacity, according to Emerald Campus director Kristy Venne.

Last year, the Emerald Campus building, 5175 Emerald Parkway, had a little fewer than 1,000 students attending school there at some point during the day, Venne said. This year, nearly 1,600 students from throughout the district will attend classes in the building, she said.

"This exceeded our expectations," Venne said.

Four categories of educational programming are housed in the Emerald Campus building, Venne said.

They are the International Baccalaureate program, the Experiential Learning Academies program, Columbus State Community College courses and such alternative-learning programs as PATHS (which stands for Postsecondary Access to Transition after High School") and the Bridge programs.

The IB program is similar to Advanced Placement courses in that students can tackle the more-challenging courses during their high school career and take an exam for the opportunity to earn college credit.

All academies in the Experiential Learning Academies program offer high school credit and the opportunity for college credit. Other students are enrolled in college credit plus courses through Columbus State.

The district's West Bridge Academy, now simply called "The Bridge," teaches high school students who do better in a smaller, more-personalized setting. Dublin's PATHS program is for students with disabilities.

The district recently moved the IB program to the Emerald Campus, expanded the number of Columbus State courses and now has nine total academies, Venne said.

The building itself now has a newly renovated third floor available to students, Venne said.

The 19 additional classrooms on that floor are all full, she said. The campus has about 35 classrooms total.

The district's central office staff moved to the building's fourth floor in July, Venne said.

District staff will continue to evaluate classes to make sure they meet demand, said Julie Blevins, administrator of the College Credit Plus program and the IB program.

For example, if needed in the future, some students could take college courses at the Columbus State branch in Dublin, Blevins said.

At any point in the day, Emerald Campus houses between 500 and 700 students, but they come and go all day, Venne said. Classes can last between 48 minutes to three 48-minute class periods long.

Twenty-five percent of students attend one class at Emerald Campus per day, 33% attend two classes, and 21% attend three classes, Venne said.

The remainder, 21%, attend four or more classes at Emerald Campus.