This letter concerns the proposed roundabout at state Route 745 and Home Road.

I am familiar with this area and have traversed it many times in the last 40 years. There has never, in my experience, been a traffic jam and, in fact, no more than three or four cars at a time. There is a four-way stop, and you simply wait your turn and proceed.

Can't we preserve some of our rural atmosphere? There are three roundabouts in that area within a mile or so. If you must wait a minute, take the opportunity to enjoy looking at the beautifully maintained historic home of Mr. Dulin and the stately trees, more than 100 years old.

You could even park and get a cold drink at the store on the northeast corner. It's much different from a convenience store -- a real person helps you and takes your money.

If we have money to burn, why not focus on a real bottleneck? If roundabouts truly do keep traffic flowing, why not put one on the east side of Delaware at the Point?

If you agree, let the county engineer know (740-833-2400) and maybe the county commissioners, who, I think, hold the purse strings, that we don't need a change in the little corner known as Rathbone.

Marge Matthews