My wife and I have been residents of Delaware since around 1994. I am 84 and she is in her 70s.

I am retired military and have medical coverage under Medicare and a government supplement called Tricare For Life. Neither of these offer a Silver Sneakers program that would pay for our YMCA membership.

We joined the Y because they have a very nice indoor track and we wanted to continue walking, even in inclement weather. During good weather, we like to walk outside in our great walking neighborhood.

Yes, the Y has up-to-date, very good equipment, but we basically just wanted to use the track maybe three times a week during inclement weather. They offered aquatic exercise classes to members for an extra fee.

For this limited use, we had to pay $720 annually for both of us. We would be allowed to suspend our membership for 90 continuous days, no exceptions.

We dropped our membership after two or three years because we felt the benefit we were deriving was not worth the cost. Instead, we joined Planet Fitness, and that cost us a total annual fee of approximately $280.

True, they don't have an indoor track and they don't have a pool. But they do have treadmills which we use during inclement weather, and they do have all that other good equipment that the YMCA has for fitness. And they do offer trainers, like the Y.

You do the math. We save $440 for the same benefit we derived from using the Y.

Yes, I think the prices the YMCA are exorbitant for us seniors who just want a warm and dry place to walk in bad weather.

James Starr