Preliminary reports suggest German Village is not a target area for installation of parking meters.

The historic district thus far has been able to escape the meters, something other popular Columbus inner-ring neighborhoods have not been able to avoid.

"While there may be some parking challenges in the area, the plan isn't calling for wide-sweeping changes," said Robert Ferrin, Columbus assistant director for parking services.

Earlier this year, the city of Columbus began a study of the parking status of downtown Columbus, Franklinton, the University District and south Columbus neighborhoods, which included German Village, the Brewery District and parts of Schumacher Place and Merion Village.

In May, residents packed the German Village Meeting Haus to offer input about parking in the area.

The city's recommendation is to clean up confusing parking signs and take a more deliberate approach to requests for parking variances, which ultimately are approved at the city level, Ferrin said.

"Actually, the plan is not asking for us to do much in those south of downtown neighborhoods other than small interventions," he said.

After the final draft of the parking plan is complete by the end of the year, work will begin in other neighborhoods, Ferrin said. The work is expected to continue over the next five years, he said.

Tim Bibler, chairman of the German Village Society's parking committee, said the neighborhood is different than other neighborhoods in the study.

"We're not a commercial district like the Short North is, the Arena District is," Bibler said. "We're more of a neighborhood district with business sprinkled throughout."

He said he expects to have more information from the city by the end of October.

"It will be at least two or three years down the road before we see any significant changes," Bibler said. "I think it is good news because that allows us more time to see what's happening in other parts of the city, what works and doesn't work, and by the time they get to German Village we'll have that experience behind us."