A Worthington resident said she is thankful for the quick response of the Worthington Division of Fire & Emergency Medical Services after an ordinary trip outside turned into a health hazard for her dog.

Liping Xin, 58, who lives on Sanbridge Circle in Worthington, said she let her 13-year-old black lab, Gus, outside Aug. 16, but he didn't come back inside.

"He usually just stays in the yard," she said. "I was waiting about five minutes, and he didn't come back."

Xin said she walked outside and heard a noise, almost like a moan, and found her dog wedged in a window well on the side of their home.

"He couldn't stand up," she said. "He didn't bark, so I couldn't hear him."

She said the outside temperature was very hot, so she tried to give him water, but he was not able to drink in the confined space. She said she then called the fire division's nonemergency number, 614-885-7640.

Fire Chief John Bailot said that a crew arrived at approximately 1:15 p.m. He said Capt. Chris Betts, Lt. Pat Toole and firefighters Nick Schaeffer and Jonathan Mooney arrived to help Gus.

Xin said Gus was scared but alert, and Betts and his crew were able to calm the dog and extract him safely.

Bailot said the crew had the dog out in less than eight minutes after being able to reach down to pick him up.

"We are very excited to hear that the dog is doing well," he said.

Xin said she has lived at her home since 2005, and the fire division has responded quickly to other emergencies, including a time when her daughter called 911 after Xin said she couldn't breathe.

"I want to let everyone know how great our fire department and police are," she said. "They are the best."