Worthington Schools still is working toward three-year agreements for the two school resource officers at Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne high schools, according to district leaders.

Assistant Superintendent Randy Banks said members of the school community have been happy with the program thus far.

"We've been very pleased with the program in year one," he said.

Officers were assigned to the Worthington high schools for the first time in the 2018-19 school year.

Thomas Worthington has a Worthington Division of Police officer because the building is within its city limits and its jurisdiction, according to district spokeswoman Vicki Gnezda. Worthington Kilbourne is in Columbus city limits and is in the jurisdiction of the Columbus Division of Police, so a Columbus officer is assigned there.

The Columbus officer at Worthington Kilbourne is Steven Steenburgh. The Worthington officer at Thomas Worthington is Sean Ord.

Banks said district leaders want a three-year contract with Columbus for the SRO at Worthington Kilbourne. He said the district has been exchanging drafts with the city.

He said he did not have an exact date for when it would be completed, but all terms of the contract would be the same as for the 2018-19 school year, except for the change in dates.

Banks said the district also is pursuing a three-year contract with Worthington for the SRO at Thomas Worthington.

"We're hoping it can eventually end up that way," he said.

Worthington City Council on July 1 approved legislation to extend the Thomas Worthington SRO agreement with the district for one year.

Assistant City Manager Robyn Stewart said Worthington is in contract negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, so no details could be provided about the contract status for the officer at Thomas Worthington.

"At this point we're usually meeting a few times a month," she said.

Stewart said it can be difficult to schedule times to meet because so many people are involved.

Banks said the cost for each officer this year would be lower in 2019-20 than the first year.

Worthington had some startup costs that would not be applicable for the second year, he said.

The district and city evenly divided the cost last year, and the district paid $79,545 for the Thomas Worthington SRO, Banks said. He said the district would pay $78,302 this year.

The district paid $111,780 to Columbus for the Kilbourne SRO last year, he said. He said the district would pay $111,365 this year.

Linworth Alternative Program, where high school students also are enrolled, does not have an SRO, according to Gnezda.

Banks said the district doesn't anticipate adding SROs to any other schools at this time.

However, he said, in talks with staff members, many at the middle school level have mentioned they would be in favor of it.

"I think we have administrators that would support that," he said.