Ellin Roy will give spectators a taste of artisan jams and hand pies at this year's Northland Community Bazaar.

"This is nothing you can buy in the store," said Roy, who lives in the Forest Park East neighborhood of Northland. "Why would I make something people could buy in the store for a lot less?"

The third annual bazaar will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 14 at Epworth United Methodist Church, 5100 Karl Road.

It is free and open to the public; however, a $10 donation will be accepted.

Roy's brand, Crazy Ladies in the Kitchen, offers 10 flavors, such as chocolate-covered strawberry and sour- cherry peach with thyme.

Roy makes the jams at her home. She is a full-time baker -- breads, sandwich buns and cookies -- at Weiland's Market.

Jenny Leal, founder of the Northland Alliance and co-founder of Elevate Northland, said the bazaar lineup consists of artists, businesses, nonprofits and craftspeople living in the community.

"There are going to be a lot of unique items for sale that (patrons) can't buy at other festivals," Leal said. "I think we're really showcasing the diversity of the community."

In addition to merchandise, several cultural exhibits and live demonstrations also will be available, Leal said.

There will be a Zumba workout demonstration, a Nepali dancer and African group performers, she said.

Storytellers of Central Ohio, a group of amateur storytellers, also will be at the event, she said.

Becky Miller, who co-founded NightCap Candles with her husband, Karl, is bringing her scented soy candles that are placed in upcycled liquor, wine and beer bottles. The soy candles, Miller said, last longer and produce less soot.

Miller has been part of the previous two events as well and said there was an uptick in visitors last year, she said.

"I'm hoping it will continue that way," Miller said.