A transitional care facility might occupy the northwest corner of County Line Road West and Africa Road in Westerville.

Foundations Health Solutions is proposing to build a 95,000-square-foot, 2-story health-care facility that would provide skilled-nursing care, occupational therapy, a medical clinic, dialysis, outpatient physical therapy and other services, according to materials submitted for the Westerville Planning Commission's Aug. 28 work session.

Brian Bauer, representing Foundations Health Solutions, came to the commission's work session to get feedback on the plan.

The facility would house 125 beds and would not be a permanent-care facility.

The proposed facility would cost $20 million and would hire 150 employees, with proposal documents stating 75 to 80 percent of those jobs would be full-time positions.

A portion of the 9.86-acre property is part of the Cleveland Avenue Medical Complex, identified as lots 5 and 6 on the original CAMC site plan and originally intended to be the site of two separate buildings, according to Jeff Buehler, planner for the city of Westerville. The submitted paperwork lists owners of the land as Westerville Property Holdings, with the current use listed as vacant ground, and Thomas and Pamela Lenix, with the use being a residence.

The area has planned development district zoning.

Buehler said a variety of plans for other facilities from other companies have been proposed for the site but have not gone through.

He said the Foundations Health Solutions proposal is a reasonable fit for the site, as it goes with the other medical buildings in the area.

Bauer said if things moved forward, the facility would focus on being a step-down option from a hospital to prepare patients for moving into a home environment. He said it would not include drug or alcohol rehabilitation and would not house permanent residents. He said most patients would be in the facility from 28 to 90 days.

Planning Commission member Brian Szuch said he didn't have an issue with the facility, but had an issue with the architecture presented in the plan as looking too modern.

"It looks like a new school building," he said.

According to the documents on file, the main entrance is proposed to be off County Line Road, aligned with Crafton Avenue. The service entrance is proposed to be off Africa Road at the northeast corner of the property, the furthest point from the existing intersection. The access drive would provide emergency vehicle access from both County Line Road and Africa Road.

Based upon requirements of the CAMC development standards and the proposed building area, the project would require 380 to 523 parking spaces.

Foundations Health Solutions has headquarters in North Olmstead and operates more than 100 multifaceted nursing and rehabilitation facilities across Ohio.

Bauer said there were timelines tied to finalizing purchase agreements but could not give the commission a timeline as to when the company would be back when he was asked.