A Westerville North High School student was arrested the morning of Aug. 29 after authorities followed up on a tip from his father, stating the 14-year-old freshman might have a loaded weapon in his possession.

In a letter later sent to parents of North students, Principal Kurt Yancey said a parent reached out to the school expressing concerns about his son and that he may be in possession of a weapon.

"Upon hearing this, we immediately followed our protocol to remove the student from class and take him to a secure location away from other students and staff," Yancey said.

Upon searching the student, a school-resource officer took possession of a loaded, small-caliber handgun located in the front pocket of a pair of pants the student was wearing underneath his jeans, the letter stated.

"Needless to say, the student now faces the appropriate disciplinary and legal proceedings as a result of his actions," Yancey said.

"Keeping students and staff safe is among our top priorities here at Westerville North."

Yancey said the school addressed the situation immediately and in a manner that ensured the safety of everyone in the building.

The student was charged with illegal conveyance on school property and carrying a concealed weapon, a fifth-degree felony, according to Christa Dickey, community affairs administrator with the city of Westerville.

Yancey said he takes the safety of the school seriously.

"I truly believe that all of the time, energy and effort we have put into safety training resulted in today's matter being resolved quickly and without incident," he said. "I would like to thank everyone involved, particularly the Westerville Police, for their professionalism and support this morning. I especially want to thank the parent who contacted us with concerns about his son.

"This likely was a difficult decision, but one that illustrates how important it is for everyone to say something if they have any concerns about the safety of our school, students or staff."