Mifflin Township voters won’t see a contested trustees race this fall now that challenger Michael J. Bridges Jr. has withdrawn his appeal to the Franklin County Board of Elections on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

“I had to withdraw my appeal today because the odds of it working in my favor was slim to none,” he said. “After discussing with the manager of the petition department, it does not seem likely that an appeal will be granted due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding a few of the invalid signatures.”

Only 21 of the 26 signatures submitted on his petition were found to be valid, according to the board of elections.

A minimum 25 valid signatures were required for candidates running for township positions.

Bridges said the invalid signatures were from residents who never changed their address through the board, so the signatures could not be accepted.

“Even their previous addresses fall outside of Mifflin Township,” he said. “The plan is to be ready and good to go in two years when two of the seats are up.”

Bridges had filed to run against incumbent Richard J. Angelou.

“I’m sad that this did not work out and disappointed that Richard Angelou will run unopposed due to this,” Bridges said.

The three-year Mifflin Township resident is an executive chef.

“Next time around, I will make sure I get closer to the maximum (signatures) allowed,” he said.

Angelou was appointed to the Mifflin Township trustees in 1994. He was subsequently elected to that office in 1995 and reelected in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015.

In addition to Angelou running unopposed, Rick Duff also is running unopposed for the fiscal-officer position in Mifflin Township.

In Jefferson Township, incumbent Mike Rowan is running unopposed, as is incumbent Ken Jones, the fiscal officer.

The elections board is scheduled to meet Monday, Sept. 9, when re-consideration would occur for candidates who appeal the board’s decision regarding certification, according to Aaron Sellers, elections board spokesman.