Randy's Barber Shop has gone to the dogs.

After 20 years in business in downtown Powell, Randy's has been replaced by Megan's Savvy Pet Grooming, which opened Aug. 15.

While the business might not serve the human race any longer, the storefront is staying in the family.

Megan Savage, Randy Savage's daughter, is the proprietor of the new pet-grooming business. She's been a professional groomer for seven years, including in management at a local shop, but she's been at 16 W. Olentangy St. for much longer.

"I grew up here -- hanging out, spinning around in the barber chairs. That always made Dad happy," Megan Savage said, smiling. "It was a family-oriented business, because that's how he is."

"He was glad when I became a dog groomer because it meant I was still cutting hair," she said.

Randy Savage said he started thinking about hanging up his scissors last winter. He and his daughter both had the idea to have her start a business in the shop after getting the OK from his landlord.

"I was getting close to 45 years (in the business), and I knew Megan was thinking about starting out on her own," he said.

"It's always been my long-term plan, and he really encouraged me to take that leap of faith," Megan Savage said. "He knew the city, knew the location. The rest, he said, I just had to get in here and figure out."

Megan Savage said her dad, her husband and a bunch of friends have helped her get ready to open the shop.

She holds a degree in psychology from Bowling Green State University, but in her heart she always knew she wanted to work with animals, she said.

"I can't imagine working in an office," she said.

"I definitely feel like the new kid in town, but everyone I've met has been so encouraging," she added. "In the short time we've been open, I've met so many people. Even some of my dad's former clients have brought their dogs in."

One thing that won't change?

"I'm gonna keep the (barber) pole" that's outside the shop's front door, Megan Savage said.

All the help and encouragement from her dad aside, it will be Megan's experience and expertise that make the new shop work. She said that, while there are some breeds that can be particularly fun to work on, it's making new animal friends that's the real appeal.

"I especially love meeting new dogs, and my favorite thing is when you have a shy dog come in and it learns you and warms up to you," she said. "I have a special place in my heart for shy dogs."

Megan Savage said she's trying not to think so much in terms of the kind of longevity her dad enjoyed at the location -- at least, not yet.

"My dad will say, 'In another 20 years, you're still going to be here,' and I'm like, 'It's been a week!' "