Grandview Heights City Council is expected to vote to fill the vacant seat at its own table during a special meeting Monday, Sept. 9.

Council will meet in a closed, executive session to continue its review of the resumes submitted by Rebekah Hatzifotinos, Ryan Edwards and Cody Blair.

Hatzifotinos and Edwards are running unopposed, along with incumbent Emily Keeler, for the three available seats in the Nov. 5 election. Blair submitted his resume to fill the vacancy but is not a candidate in the election.

Council will vote on naming one of the three to fill the vacancy after the executive session, council President Greta Kearns said.

The seat has been vacant since Steve Gladman resigned Aug. 10. Gladman already had decided not to run for reelection.

The person council selects will complete Gladman's term, which runs through Dec. 31, 2019.

If Hatzifotinos or Edwards are selected, they will finish the last few months of Gladman's term, then win election in their own right in the uncontested November race, Kearns said.