Students at Robert Louis Stevenson School at First Avenue and Oxley Road raise a flag donated by the Daughters of Veterans of the Civil War in this 1928 photograph.

The district purchased the land in 1924, but a proposed $175,000 levy to build the new elementary school was defeated in the November 1924 elections, and the district was forced to go to half-day sessions in grades 1-3.

The issue again was placed on the ballot in November 1925, and this time, voters approved it.

The district opened the school for first- and second-graders with a two-room portable building that originally was on the high school site during its construction.

Named by students, Stevenson was built in 1926 and initially had 12 rooms (the middle section of the building in the 1932 inset photo).

Four rooms were added to each end of the building in 1930, and an annex was built behind it in 1971 to house kindergartners.

The school now houses grades K-3 and serves 323 students in its 20 classrooms.