Grove City police responded at 1:22 p.m. Sept. 4 to a store in the 1600 block of Stringtown Road where an 84-year-old Columbus woman had just been robbed.

As the officers were en route, dispatchers told them a man had shoved the victim to the ground and had taken her purse before leaving the area in a silver or gray car.

When they arrived, officers found the victim was bleeding from the face and head and was being treated by Jackson Township paramedics. She was taken to Grant Medical Center for treatment of a cut to her head. The woman later was found to have sustained a broken arm, reports stated.

Witnesses gave police general descriptions of the suspect, but the accounts conflicted as to whether the victim was pushed to ground or was injured when she fell.

Four construction workers were able to give police the license plate number of the car in which the suspect fled. A woman was driving it.

One of the construction workers told officers he ran after the suspect and drop kicked the vehicle as it was pulling away, leaving a dent, according to reports.

A short time later, Columbus police reported they had stopped a car with the reported license plate number on Noe Bixby Road just north of Winchester Pike.

A woman was driving it and had a male passenger who matched the descriptions witnesses had provided. The car also had a dent that matched the damage the construction worker had described.

Both occupants of the vehicle were charged with felony counts of aggravated robbery.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A Georgetown woman told police her car, valued at $10,000, was stolen Aug. 29 from the parking lot at a store in the 5900 block of Hoover Road. The woman said clothing, dishes and a cellphone were in the car when it was stolen.

* A resident in the 4900 block of Snowy Creek Drive reported Sept. 2 a set of golf clubs, several other golf clubs and a children's starter set of golf clubs were stolen overnight from his unlocked car parked in his driveway. A short time after the man filed his report, he contacted police to report the clubs were found in a neighbor's yard.

* A Grove City man reported Sept. 1 items were stolen from his storage unit at a self-storage business in the 4000 block of Marlane Drive. The man said he has been renting the unit for about 10 years, but had not been to the site between April 2014 and Aug. 16.

He said he could not open the lock during the Aug. 16 visit. He went to the office and an employee gave him a new key and a form that indicated the locks and doors to the storage units had been changed in May 2016.

The victim said stereo speakers, valued at $900, and other items were missing from his storage unit. He had not compiled a list of the other stolen items at the time of the police report.

* A resident in the 4100 block of Demorest Road called police just after 10 a.m. Sept. 3 to report he had just seen a man running from his neighbors' house carrying items in his hands. The owners of the residence were notified, came to the scene and reported two handguns and seven designer purses had been stolen. Total loss was $3,500, reports stated.

Later that day, a man was arrested and charged with a felony count of theft in the case.

* The supervisors for two companies working at a construction site in the 3000 block of Turnberry Court reported their companies' generators were stolen from the site. The thefts occurred between 2 p.m. Aug. 31 and 7 p.m. Sept. 2. The generators had been padlocked to a scissors lift. The padlocks were cut off to take the equipment. Total loss was $1,789.

* Officers responded Aug. 28 to a business in the 3900 block of Hoover Road where employees said a man had stolen a laptop computer, valued at $1,500. The employees said the theft occurred just after 6 p.m. They told police they think the man may have concealed the laptop in his clothes before leaving the building, reports stated.

* A man reported a cutoff saw, valued at $1,500, was stolen Sept. 3 from a vehicle belonging to the Kentucky company for which he works. The man said the theft occurred while he was staying at a hotel in the 4100 block of Marlane Drive.

* Two women reported items were stolen from their cars Aug. 29 while they were working out at a business in the 2700 block of London-Groveport Road. Both women said passenger windows were broken to gain entry to their cars.

The first woman said a backpack containing $600 was stolen from her car. She said attempts were made to use her credit cards at three grocery stores, but each attempt was denied.

The other woman reported a purse with $50 cash, a cosmetics bag and cellphone was stolen from her vehicle. She said her credit card was used at one of the grocery stores.

The thefts occurred between 4:45 and 5:30 a.m. Aug. 29.

* The manager of a store in the 3500 block of Broadway reported a man stole three envelopes containing a total of $788 in cash Sept. 2 from an office in the back of the building.

The manager said he was outside for a smoke break at 4:30 p.m. when the suspect walked into the store. When the manager walked back into the store a few minutes later, the suspect was walking back from the area of the office. He asked the manager about some merchandise and the manager told him where those items could be found.

The manager said he then went to the office and discovered the envelopes were missing. He said he remotely locked the front door while calling police, but the suspect exited the building through a rear door.